Daily Lenten Reflections

Daily Lenten Reflections

The 40 days of Lent gives us an opportunity to turn our hearts back towards God and offers us a chance to reflect on our lives and renew our commitment to God through prayer.

So we invite you to pray with us these…

Daily Lenten Reflections 

Students, faculty, staff, and members of the Sunday Worshiping Community at St. Michael’s College have written reflections based on the daily liturgical readings in Lent. We encourage those who are interested to go to our blog to read the dailyreflections or request a printed booklet by emailing Laurie Sabens at lsabens@smcvt.edu. To read a reflection online, simply go to the Daily Lenten Reflections blog site.  You can choose to follow the blog to receive daily notices when new posts appear.

Bible Walk & Holy Land Pilgrimage

Bible Walk & Holy Land Pilgrimage

Bible Walk invites you to participate in an unforgettable spiritual, archeological journey in the footsteps of Jesus from July 10-22, 2019. Bible Walk is an ecumenical pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Israel and Palestine) and Petra (Jordan) exploring the path and ministry of Jesus and enabling you to personally experience the region, settings and sites where Jesus lived and traveled during his ministry. Bible Walk is more than a tour, it is a faith journey incorporating Bible study, sacred space, worship, spiritual reflection, meditation and archeological discoveries related to important places and events mentioned in scripture allowing participants to feel more intimately connected to their faith. The cost is $4,235 (from JFK Airport). The deposit deadline is March 15, 2019. For more information and registration, log onto the following site: 

January is national slavery and human trafficking prevention month

Small and rural states are not immune from human trafficking. This crime occurs within Vermont as well as beyond our borders.

Did that headline get your attention? Maybe you already are feeling uncomfortable about whether you will read this item. Please do keep reading.

The reality is that we may all unconsciously be connected to human trafficking or enslavement.

Human trafficking is recognized by the United Nations as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision or obtaining a person for exploitation through labor, services or a commercial sex act by force, fraud or coercion.” This crime is a human rights issue, public health issue, and child abuse issue when minors are victimized.

Think of the clothes you buy, and the countries where they are made. Think of the fish you eat. Are workers paid a fair wage – or does your bargain item come to you via the cost of enslaved labor?

Who provides your manicure or your massage? Could enslaved or trafficked workers be on the cleaning or hospitality staff where you are vacationing? How would you know?

Then there is the local opioid crisis – people with opioid use disorder, as well as people addicted to other substances, are particularly vulnerable to being forced, frauded or coerced into doing things they do not want to do, including commercial sex work, for the perpetrators’ profit.

A multi-disciplinary approach is needed to support victims and reduce the occurrence of the crime. The State of Vermont utilized some of the Victims of Crime Act federal funds to create and maintain a statewide human trafficking case manager position which is housed at the South Burlington Police Department. Due to its success, a second position is being added and based at the Rutland Police Department. The state also received $1.2 million dollar federal grant to greatly enhance its Human Trafficking Task Force.

So what can you do? Consider ways to increase your knowledge and awareness – first steps count! People in helping professions, such as teachers, social workers, faith community staff and nurses may be able to play a direct role, but we all should be aware of what we can do to eradicate this crime.

Give Way to Freedom, an Essex-based private operating foundation who provides training, outreach and direct services to potential victims, and which awards grants for domestic and international projects, is partnering with Alpha Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma (an organization of leading women educators) to sponsor a community-wide informational session and panel on Jan. 10 at 4 p.m. at Faith United Methodist Church, 899 Dorset St. Panelists will include a law enforcement officer, advocates, a medical professional, social worker and researcher.

Continuing education credits can be arranged for those who would like them.

Questions and RSVP for the Jan. 10 event direct to edevent4@gmail.com.

Jan E. Hughes is a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma organization. She is a retired educator and librarian with Vermont schools and lives in South Burlington.

For more information please contact Sr. Pat McKittrick at 8476534 or pat.mckittrick@uvmhealth.org

Original publication of this article can be found at – https://www.otherpapersbvt.com/opinion/opinion_columns/january-is-national-slavery-and-human-trafficking-prevention-month/article_c84a4e66-0e2b-11e9-a1f1-7f82862743bb.html

Prayer Service and Potluck

Prayer Service and Potluck

JANUARY 20, 2019 – 4-7PM

Join us in celebrating Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2019. Our annual Prayer Service will be held at Trinity Episcopal Church in Shelburne VT and will be followed by a casual networking potluck dinner in the parish hall.  Everyone is invited, but we encourage people to bring something to share. So we can make sure we have enough food, please sign-up online to bring a dish (https://vecncc.org/2019-prayer-service-potluck-dinner/) or email us at info@vecncc.org with an RSVP and/or any questions you have.  If you are an ordained Pastor and would like to participate in helping lead the prayer service, please email us your contact info and we’ll follow up with you.  More information available at https://vecncc.org/2019-prayer-service-potluck-dinner/

Urgent Need

Dear Fellow Christ-Followers,

My name is Marcus, I am the Director of Development at The Fold Inc. We are a non-profit organization (residential program) that has served at-risk teens and families in Vermont for over 50 years. We have a boy’s home and girl’s home, as well as an accredited school on campus to help teens between the ages of 13-17 years old achieve academic goals and even career planning.

Over this past weekend, we experienced a frozen pipe burst in our boy’s home. This incurred damage to plumbing, ceiling, and furniture.

I am emailing you to ask for your consideration for a donation Should you be inclined to donate.

Check out our link.


Federal ID Number: 03-0221341.

If you would like to contact me, please find my information below.


Marcus Neabar

Director of Development

The Fold

Cell: 203-814-5048




The Vermont Ecumenical Council’s first attempt of bringing people and organizations together at this year’s VT Christian Ministry Fair was a great success!  Dozen’s of Christian Ministries gathered on Saturday afternoon October 20, 2018 at North Avenue Alliance Church to share in a day of prayer, worship, ministry presentations and a common passion to serve those in need!

LOVE OF CREATION – A Concert for Peace

LOVE OF CREATION – A Concert for Peace


October 28, 2018, 2 p.m.


Enjoy the sounds and silence – of harp, chimes, drum and sacred music, as you contemplate the beauty of nature and the Mystery of Creation! Renew your spirit and reflect on your call to cultivate and tend our beautiful earth as you sow seeds of new possibility for peace!

Judi is a harpist, teacher and therapeutic harp practitioner and professional musician in healing, community and liturgical settings. Visit www.jubalharp.com for more info.

Carol is a spiritual director, counselor and founder of the Silver Dove Institute (www.silverdoveinstitute.org) creating forums for spiritual and faith enrichment, creativity & contemplation that foster inner peace and understanding!

Rebecca is a mother of four and leads local worship services. She is a singer/songwriter who also plays soprano saxophone, guitar and piano. She is an artistic member of the Vermont Chamber Artists.


Be Inspired by Sacred Music & Meditations
Savor the beauty of creation before and after the concert at Bishop Booth Conference Center
20 Rock Point Rd., Burlington, VT www.rockpointvt.org
A Creation of Jubal Harp & Silver Dove Institute www.silverdoveinstitute.org

For more information email us at
info@silverdoveinstitute.org 802-865-2600

Christian Ministry Fair Fast Approaching

Christian Ministry Fair Fast Approaching

We wanted to share with you that our first Christian Ministry Fair is shaping up very nicely with dozens of Christian Organizations, Ministries, and Churches joining us for the day – this event will be a true collaboration of The Church here in Vermont!

THERE IS STILL TIME – If you represent a Christian Organization, Ministry or Church that’s interested in joining us for the day and having a table and sharing your information with the rest of us – please feel free to contact us at fair@vecncc.org or 802.233.9603.

COME AND SEE – EXPERIENCE – SHARE – For the rest of us individual Christians that want to know more about the Christian service projects in our State, or how we can reach out to the community in a unique way – come join us for the day.  Hear how others are engaging the world through their faith and how Christian Cooperation is building up The Church here in Vermont faster every day!

TIME AND PLACE — The Christian Ministry Fair registration will be available starting at 12:30pm with the event beginning at 1pm on Saturday October 20th, 2018 at North Avenue Alliance Church, 901 North Ave, Burlington, VT.  Fair will end around 3:30pm.

FREE CONCERT — For all those attending the Christian Ministry Fair, you will be GRACED with a FREE Christian concert featuring Elias Dummer of City Harmonic, Dwelling, and Erik Michael at 4PM.  More information about the concert can be found at http://www.vtchristianmusic.com/elias-dummer

PLEASE JOIN US BY VISITING OUR WEBSITE – https://vecncc.org/ministry-fair/

Christian Ministry Fair Fast Approaching

You’re Invited to Christian Ministry Fair

Dear Church or Christian Ministry,

The Vermont Ecumenical Council, the largest network of Christian cooperation in the state, would like to invite you to participate in our very first Christian Ministry Fair on October 20th, 2018 at North Avenue Alliance Church, Burlington VT.   The event starts at 1PM and includes ministry presentations, speakers, live music, opportunities for networking and will conclude with a Christian concert starting at 4 PM featuring Elias Dummer, lead singer of The City Harmonic, Erik Michael and local favorite The Dwelling.  To get full exposure and time with participants, ministries are encouraged to stay through the end of the show around 6:30 PM.

Our goal for this event is to increase awareness and match participants with Christian ministries they would like to support.  Our hope is that bringing together Christian ministries will strengthen our network of Christian cooperation and enhance the ability for each ministry to reach out to the broader community.

Christian Ministries that participate in the ministry fair will also be registered as a member of the Vermont Ecumenical Council, Network of Christian Cooperation (VECNCC).  Benefits of VECNCC membership include access to our extensive network of Christian churches and organizations, the ability to post calendar events and articles to our website and newsletter, the opportunity to interact with members at council meetings and to encourage Christian cooperation in Vermont.  In addition to the membership benefits, registration provides table space at the ministry fair and entry for two participants.   Also included with registration, anyone participating in the ministry fair can stay for the closing Christian concert.

If you are a Church that has many ministries serving the community that you would like to share information for, you can register as a Church Membership, based on your size, and you’ll receive table space for these materials.

For more information and to register, please visit our website at www.vecncc.org.  Questions related to VECNCC membership should be directed to Ryan Boisvert at info@vecncc.org or 802-233-9603.  Questions related to the ministry fair should be directed towards Kenneth Puzey at 802-999-5748 or fair@vecncc.org.  All registrations should be submitted by September 30th,2018.

God Bless Your Ministry,
Vermont Ecumenical Council
Outreach Committee


Justice, Peace, and Equality

Justice, Peace, and Equality

On April 5th and 6th, over 300 people attended the Joan Chittister Play at St. Michael’s Recital Hall and at Trinity Episcopal Church in Shelburne. Teri Bays proclaimed the message of Justice, Peace and Equality, especially for women, loudly and clearly. The Winooski Peace Initiative, with the support of many community partners, sponsored the play.

Winooski is the most diverse community in Vermont in terms of income, country of origin, language, age, religion and gender. The Winooski Peace Initiative brings residents together, face to face, in ways that lift up common values, encouraging people to reach out—even if just a little—to those seen as “others”.
Our programs and projects help people move toward each other, rather than away. We believe it is easier to understand a person when you get close. We are working to increase Winooski’s sense of community and to foster peace.

We will continue to build a strong, supportive community, so how will we do this? We need to listen to all the voices in our community and to the voices within ourselves. Together we will find ways of responding. Together we seek truth, justice and equality.

Who are the people who help us to see life differently? We need all voices. What opportunities do we have to listen to one another?

The Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama) tweeted at 5:30 AM on Mon, Apr 16, 2018:

Compassion reduces our fear, boosts our confidence, and opens us to inner strength. By reducing distrust, it opens us to others and brings us a sense of connections with them and a sense of purpose and meaning in life.