Vermont Ecumenical Council Statements

VEC seeks to live its mission in a new and different time, understanding that the Church must now lead from the margins of this broken, hurting world. Yet the voice of the Church has never been more relevant and vital. We believe Christians are called to exercise their voice, and have a responsibility to act in the public square (Luke 4, Matthew 25). Our voice and actions are grounded in scripture and informed by the broad Christian tradition, human reason, and experience.

To this end, the Vermont Ecumenical Council, with its celebrated diversity, has found a common voice on many issues of our time and has embraced the spirit of the Lund Principle – that Christians are called to cooperate in all things where conscience does not dictate otherwise.

Although these statements might not represent all our members at any given time or the Council as a whole, we have found these issues important enough to speak with ONE VOICE.