Many Membership Options Below

Free Membership – If you are just interested in receiving Christian event info and news, just submit your information here.  You can become a paid member at any time if you wish to submit information to the site and the network.

PAID Memberships – gives you access to submit calendar events, news articles and special requests which could be included in our website and email and social networking blasts and/or other communication tools we employ, the ability to share resources like meeting spaces and event equipment,  the potential to help shape Christian Cooperation in our state, and the knowledge that you’re supporting a ministry devoted to building up the Kingdom here in Vermont!

State-wide denominations / institutions

Designed for large church organizations with dozens of churches and thousands of members
Membership Fee is $1,000/yr or $25/congregation/yr    

If you are registering multiple congregations as one user at the $25/congregation/yr rate, please use the printable form and mail in contribution with application.

Individual Churches (over 100 members)

Perfect for Churches with or without denominational affiliation and more than 100 members.

Membership Fee is $50/year

Individual Churches (under 100 members)

For those smaller churches with or without denominational affiliation.

Membership Fee is $35/year

Independent Christian or Non-Profit Organizations

 Perfect for Christian or Non-Profit organizations, ministries or businesses.
Membership Fee is $35/year

Individual Christians

A member in the Christian community that is not necessarily affiliated with any other member or category.

Membership Fee is $25/year

Free Membership

Anyone interested in receiving information and updates on Christian events happening in our community.

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