Beginning Tuesday, February 8, 2022, at 7:30 pm

Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Arnold Isidore Thomas, Pastor
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Jericho, Vermont 05465

Living the Questions of Christian Faith is a Bible Study based on the DVD series Living the Questions 2.0. In this series of classes, we will explore important topics of Christian faith and theology from the perspective of progressive Christians, not for the purpose of changing your theological point of view but to consider and discuss observations with which you may differ yet still appreciate as Christian. The format of each class will be to read the scripture, take a moment to meditate upon it, view the 20-minute video, and then offer your reflections. We will close in prayer. Each class stands independent of previous or future classes, so if you can’t attend one, join us at another. This will be an online Bible Study that you may access by contacting Rev. Thomas at and a Zoom login will be emailed to you on Tuesday.