Did you know that the Vermont Bible Society, a fully funded ministry within the VECNCC, helps Vermonters and Vermont-based ministries get FREE bibles to distribute throughout Vermont and the World?

The Vermont Bible Society’s funding comes from the Greenleaf Fund, established by Colonel Charles Greenleaf. The Bible Society does not keep a supply of Bibles on hand. The ministry or person making the request provides information to the Vermont Bible Society about which Bibles it wants, and the VBS places the order with a particular publisher or bookstore, depending on which Bibles are needed. The Bibles are usually shipped directly to the requester.

Guidelines for the use of the Greenleaf Fund

The Greenleaf Fund shall be used to distribute Bibles without charge to ministries and individuals in Vermont. It may also be used to provide a Bible of choice to each newly-ordained clergy person who resides in Vermont, and to pastors being installed in their first Vermont church. The Fund will provide Bibles to any church destroyed in a catastrophe in Vermont. Any other use of the fund not consistent with this policy must be at the discretion of VEC leadership.

Colonel Charles Henry Greenleaf was born on July 23, 1841 in Danville, Vermont. He moved with his parents to New Hampshire while still an infant and spent most of his life in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Throughout his life, he carried a copy of the New Testament in his pocket and read it daily. Upon his death, he left a generous gift to both the Vermont and New Hampshire Bible Societies for the purchase and free distribution of the Holy Bible.

The Vermont Bible Society has distributed Bibles throughout the State of Vermont to: prisons, hospitals, street ministries, churches, soldiers, and more.

If you have a ministry in need of bibles, please use our online form found at – https://vecncc.org/request-bible/