A Celtic Pilgrimage to Ireland – September 26 – Oct 3, 2020
Hosted by Rev Kim Hardy & Rev Fred Moser

In the Fall of 2020 the Rev. Kim Hardy and the Rev. Dr. Fred Moser will lead a pilgrimage to  Ireland with their extraordinary guides. The focus will be on areas in the northwest of the  island around Counties Sligo and Donegal and in the southeast County Wicklow.

An important aspect of pilgrimage is walking where others have traveled before us on their  spiritual journeys. And so, in the company of Irish friends and scholars, we will explore  aspects of Celtic spirituality, walking on ground where luminaries of early Christianity in  these parts sought refuge as pilgrims themselves, notably Saints Columba, known in Ireland  as Colm Cille, Molaise of Leighlin, and Kevin of Glendalough.

Ireland offers a deep gift in its vastly contrasting landscapes that draw one into possibilities
for reflection. Striking contrasts of craggy hills, jagged seaside cliffs, soft beaches, deepgreen forests, and subtle light reflecting off waters and hillsides, have power to connect us  with the spirit of the Divine as apprehended in nature. Exploring such connections was one,  though not the only hallmark of the ancient Celtic church. Those who have come with us  before comment on how these journeys, with time to walk and rest, disconnect as well as  reconnect, and make new companion friends along the way, open them to God in ways not  imagined.

Please contact Fred Moser, President of the Vermont Ecumenical Council if you are interested and he will get you in touch with more details. This will be a special journey and  we hope you will consider joining us. fredmoser@trinityshelburne.org