The Vermont Ecumenical Council: Network of Christian Cooperation organized two regional meet & greet Luncheons on October 24-25, 2019.  Our goal here was to start the conversation where none existed and to foster better cooperation where ecumenical groups were already working together.  This was a GREAT SUCCESS!

At Trinity Episcopal Church in Shelburne VT a group of eleven local pastors, religious, Christian ministries and church leaders gathered for a simple meal and to discuss what Christian cooperation looked like in their own circles.  We shared our stories, our struggles and our hopes for the future in a way that helped us understand each other better.  Conversation and understanding is always the first step towards cooperation!

The next day a group of us gathered around a pile of ribs, veggies and two cakes!  We met at the Springfield Family Center – a food shelf, day shelter and community center serving the greater Springfield VT area.  This location was significant because it is already the fruit of Ecumenical cooperation in that area.  An alliance of Churches in the Springfield area have been working together for years, helping the community, raising awareness for social justice and feeding the hungry.  A shinning example of what this kind of cooperation can do for our towns and state, the VECNCC looks forward to extending this model throughout Vermont.

These two gatherings, although having very different dynamics, were exactly what they needed to be and showed us what they could be.  The Vermont Ecumenical Council looks forward to coordinating more of these events in the future.  If you are interested in hosting such a gathering, please email us at or call Ryan at 802.233.9603.