Thinking Outside the Box
                                                                       –  Pat McKittrick, SP

Have you ever wondered why our Church is in the state it’s in? Maybe the old solutions don’t work in today’s world. What can we do? How can we help build our Church communities? Do we know our Church History well enough? Where were the women in earlier days? How are they called to use their God given gifts/talents today? How can we support them?

I’d like to suggest a recent article by St. Joseph Sr. Christine Schenk “Let’s use the title ‘co-worker’ for laypeople in parish leadership”. Sounds like equity.

Be sure to follow the links that are included in the article. You’ll find them enlightening.

Also, since we’re staying home more during these Covid times. Why not check out Future Church?

Last week, I participated in a prayer service for the Feast of St. Phoebe. It was life-giving. Also, if you’re interested in Faith Sharing you can participate on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 7PM.

I’ll be participating in the “Making Sense of 2020: Being Church Today.” Hope you’ll join me. See details below.

MAKING SENSE OF 2020: BEING CHURCH TODAY – Tickets to FutureChurch’s 30th Fall Event are now available!!!

Please join us as FutureChurch commemorates 30 years of inspiring work, boldly confronts new challenges, and embraces emerging opportunities with hope as we work together for a more just, more inclusive Church and world. Our VIRTUAL event will feature resentations from:

  • Dr. Cecilia González-Andrieu, Ph.D. 
  • Professor Bryan Massingale, and
  • Professor Doris (Wagner) Reisinger,

… all charismatic activist-scholars who will help us “make sense of 2020” and look forward toward a brighter, more just, more inclusive future for all.

We want you to know just how deeply grateful we are for your past support of and participation in the work and mission of FutureChurch. Together we are making a difference! And we hope you’ll join us as we host our 30th Annual Fall Event online via Zoom across two remarkable evenings — October 22nd and October 27th at 7pm Eastern Time.  

As I mentioned, I attended a prayer service for the Feast of St Phoebe.
A recording is now available to view on the website and directly on youtube. You are welcome to share!
And, especially for those who could not join us but had expressed interest — there are two ways to continue in this work together:

We are Catholics who
embrace the ministry of deacons, witness the gifts of women for this ministry, hope that our Church receives these women.
We invite individuals and parishes, organizations or ministries to express their collective support of this affirmation. 
Please email us if you would like to connect and receive accompaniment as you engage in dialogue in your local communities & contexts. 
2) Consider participating in an upcoming Discern, Dream and Scheme workshop as a way to go deeper into your own call and ministry.   SIgn up on our website to receive updates & announcements about future sessions!